Danbury Competition Engines has been known for V8 performance for many years.  We have a special interest in the Ford products.  So, when the Godzilla crate engine was announced for sale, we purchased one of the first ones we could get.  We very much like the choice Ford engineers made in going back to a large displacement, modern,  pushrod V8.  In anticipation of the interest for the new Godzilla, we are building a project car for the street and track.  We feel that there will be interest from many areas including older truck restorations, resto-mods, and others.  But, highest on the list, may be retrofits to the Fox Body mustangs.  For our first project, we liked the sound of a street legal, 1000 hp, boosted Godzilla powered Fox mustang.  We all know how popular the Fox body platform has been and continues to be.  We have chosen a 1991 LX Mustang for the project.  We are going further than the typical performance street car.  We are building the car to run in the 8’s, but also to be street driven.  The car will get a new back-half chassis fabricated from chrome moly.  It will have a fabricated 9” rear end housing, 4-link chassis, and top mounted wish bone.  We are planning for Strange axles, center section, and brakes.  The cage will be certified for 8.50 out of chrome moly.  This way with chrome moly, we have a great starting point for the possibility of upgrading to an even faster certification in the future.  We thank  Jeff and Steve at DiDomenico Hot Rods in Cromwell CT for their help in the fabrication.  They are true craftsman and we very much look forward to the final product from them in the coming months.

We are excited about this project because it will allow us to showcase and test our new parts for the Godzilla.  The car itself is important, because as a test tool it needs to be built well enough to allow proper testing of the new components.  We aren’t building a show car, but rather a professionally built street/strip machine that has had no expenses spared for durability and reliability.  As mentioned, the engine for our project will be boosted.  One of the new products planned is our in-house designed and fabricated intake manifold.  To begin, we are planning for a single turbo, blowing through our new aluminum low profile intake manifold.  The manifold will be designed for high airflow potential for both N/A and boosted applications.  It has also been designed with hood clearance in mind as a top priority.  The control system we have initially chosen has been the Euro 8 system from OBR.  We have had the harness customized to include both cable and fly-by-wire throttle operation.

For the front end, we chose Team Z for their tubular K member made for the Godzilla. We also opted for other race oriented parts like adjustable lower control arms, and a lowered manual steering rack to help with pan clearance around the new engine.

The 6R80 transmission will be built by Frank Lupo’s Dynamic Converters out of Delaware with all of the available strength upgrades to handle the power delivery.  The combination of independent electronic control and overdrive will make for an interesting street and track combination.

Please follow our progress and send any questions or comments to info@danburycomp.com