Here we demonstrate how our Oil Pan kit can help you get the Godzilla power under your hood! For those interested in putting together a Fox Body with Godzilla power on the street while fitting everything under the hood and keeping it from scraping on the ground. The motor is in, the 6r80 6 speed is in place. The video shows the new shallow pan arrangement that provides about 5 1/2 -6” ground clearance. You’ll see the rack bushing mounts sit lower than the pan now. You’ll also see that the stock oil cooler and filter now hang below the pan. This showcases our Oil Pan kit, developed to convert the engine to the Fox Body space limits.




In our shallow pan kit, we will be eliminating the cooler and relocating the filter or using a shorter one. Video also shows how much we tucked the differential up into the car. The tunnel needs some work to get the driveshaft in, but the project continues to go well and we are excited for the final product show casing our engine kits! 



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