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Engine Restoration, Winner of Ford F100 Grand Natl’s

Serving the engine rebuilding community means we get to be part of diverse and exciting projects.  One of our local customers restored a 1956 Ford truck and brought the engine to DCE. Building on our commitment to excellence, we rebuilt an engine to match the beauty...

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Ford Godzilla in 1991 Fox Body Mustang. (Pt. 2)

    Here we demonstrate how our Oil Pan kit can help you get the Godzilla power under your hood! For those interested in putting together a Fox Body with Godzilla power on the street while fitting everything under the hood and keeping it from scraping on the...

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Godzilla Engine Replacement on 1991 Fox Body Mustang. (Pt. 1)

Danbury Competition Engines has been known for V8 performance for many years.  We have a special interest in the Ford products.  So, when the Godzilla crate engine was announced for sale, we purchased one of the first ones we could get.  We very much like the choice...

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Godzilla Has Arrived in Danbury!

For over 40 years, DCE has been the place where car enthusiasts from all over the Tri-state area have come for repairs, maintenance AND new engines and engine kits designed and built by us!Heading into our next decade of business we are prioritizing innovation even...

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When Your Cylinder Head Needs Repair

One of the most common repairs we address at DCE involves repair of cylinder heads. Besides the main combustion chamber, the engine contains the classic cylinders with a head that houses valves, springs, and lifters. The function of the cylinder head consists of...

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