Whether your passion is racing or high-performance vehicles, DCE is here to push the boundaries!

Exciting news—we’re forging ahead with our engine packages for the Ford Godzilla 7.3L, and our 1991 Mustang shop project car showcases just one fantastic example. You might already be familiar with our renowned intake manifolds and shallow pans for the Godzilla, but we’re not stopping there.

Specializing in all things Ford has been our forte, and it’s only natural that we now offer our very own performance upgrades for the new 7.3L powerhouse.

Are you eyeing this engine platform for your classic car or truck but feeling a bit overwhelmed about where to begin? We warmly invite you to swing by, take a look at our shop car’s progress, and have a chat with us. Let’s discuss your project, explore possibilities, and see what we can achieve together. Just like our engines, we craft in-house to meet your unique needs.

We’ve anticipated the need for modifications, and we relish a good challenge. That’s why we’ve developed the Intake Manifold Kit and Shallow Oil Pan Kit, giving you the option to dive into the project yourself or entrust it to our expert hands!